“Metropolitan Community Churches is one of the best kept secrets!”  We have all heard this said, but we know that MCC’s dramatic impact on lives, history, and the church is a story worth telling.  At this moment, we are poised to tell that story locally and globally in a powerful way. Our storied legacy prepares us for an amazing future!

We arrived at this moment 44 years after the Rev. Troy Perry, to whom we owe so much, established MCC with the founding principles of: Salvation, Community, and Christian Action. Today, mainline American Protestant Churches and churches in other countries are more open than ever, while MCC is now a denomination unto itself.  At the same time, the vast majority of Christians live in contexts that are homophobic, transphobic, in denial about HIV/AIDS, and are often oppressive to women.

The truth is, we know our roots!

In the first incarnation, MCC was the gay and lesbian church. We were welcome at MCC.
In the second incarnation, MCC was the church with HIV/AIDS.  We lived and died together.
In the third incarnation, MCC was the human rights church. Our reach became international.
Now what? Where do we go from here?

The truth is, we are just getting started!

We truly live in a global village. Technology has created new paradigms for faith experiences. Social justice on one continent deeply impacts what happens on another one. The internet has allowed affinity groups and niche communities to align around the world and build global constituencies.

  • Salvation, the deep healing of our spirituality, bodies, minds and hearts, in reconciliation with God and one another, is needed by so many who are painfully alienated from religion!  The Internet gives power and immediacy to our view of the amazing Grace of God! MCC is THERE!
  • Community now means the global village – city by city, online community by online community! Love, acceptance, and hope nurture young people—bullied for being “different” and betrayed by religion—who are spiritually hungry for authentic community.  Families want a church where everyone is welcome. MCC is HERE!
  • Christian action is about social justice in the context of this new “community.”  MCC buildings are still a hub of action in many communities.  We are on the ground in 40 countries, and our Moderator sits on the U.S. President’s Advisory Council on Faith and Neighborhood Partnerships. We have food pantries, shelters and ecumenical relationships. MCC ACTS!

The truth is, we are on the way!

MCC’s inquisitive theology and history of radical hospitality give the denomination the leverage to live the charge of the Gospel to follow Jesus by embodying and living out the prophetic call for global social justice.  MCC is right on the edge of emerging as the progressive Christian voice in the world with the potential to call for the reconciliation of human sexuality and spirituality as we transform ourselves, our Church and our world in fulfillment of the Gospel.

The truth is, WE ARE CALLED!

I invite you to join me and MCC leadership in investing with us in telling the story of our global ministries.  We are called to a ministry of love, hope and justice.  We are headed into a new era of excellence and effectiveness for MCC.  As we approach Advent, we know that Emmanuel means God With Us. In that knowledge, we can offer the best of who we are and who we are becoming to a world that needs our message and ministry more than ever!

Grace and Peace,

Rev. Dr. Nancy Wilson
Former MCC Moderator

What will you be?

What will you do to BE MCC?

What part will you play?

All the parts working together will set us on the path to discover who we are and what our mission is!

be Helpful

You can be part of our Sunday services. If you would like to hold the elements during communion, help serve communion, usher or acolyle, please see a BOD member on Sunday morning!